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De-icing / Deicers systems / Washer



The LANGA De-icers  are extremely low cost effective systems to be used with all commercial aircrafts.

The equipment consists on a commercial truck which incorporates:

  • Basket. Height and reach adjustable.
  • De-Icing system. This system heats a de-icing fluid to throw it to the aircraft wings.

This operation is done with the operator placed on the height and reach adjustable basket.

The de-icing fluid is heated and stored in a tank placed on the truck frame. The tank capacity is 1000 litres

The fluid is thrown to the aircraft wings by means of a boost pump. The flow and dispersion is regulated with a gun.

Models for both Type I and Type II fluid.

Available in towable version.

Aircarft washer 

Also avaipable in washer configuration with additional tank for detergent/soap.

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