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Main tube made of high-strength steel.

Hydraulically height adjustable undercarriage.

Screw-mounted tow head and tow eye for easy replacement.

UNIQUE worldwide system for visual indication to the truck driver when the safety shear pin is broken for avoiding

typical NLG damages.

Tow head with shear pins for push/pull and torque and with retaining pin for maximum safety by shear pin fracture.

Handles for easy drive and safe attachment to the aircraft.

Skid plates or casters (option) under the tow head and under the tow eye.

Holder for spare shear pins.

Models available for Commercial & Regional/Business Aircrafts (See applicability)


Shear pin OK
shear pin broken
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  • Part 2: Stability and strength requirements, calculations and test methods
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  • ISO 8267-1:2005 Aircraft -- Tow bar attachment fittings interface requirements -- Part 1: Main line aircraft
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  • The IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM) 958: Functional Specification for an Aircraft Towbar.


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Aircraft model Standard model Alternative model (3)
Airbus A300-B2/-B4/-600 & A310-200/-300 – Clamp type LTB 300-310C ---
Airbus A300-B2/-B4/-600 & A310-200/-300 – Lock pin type LTB 300-310L ---
Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321, ACJ, Elite LTB 318-319-320-321 LTB 320-737
  LTB 318-319-320-321FA (1) LTB 320-737
Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321, ACJ ,Elite, Sukhoi Superjet 100 LTB 318-319-320-321 SSJ LTB 320-737
  LTB 318-319-320-321 SSJFA (1) ---
Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 and Boeing B737 all LTB 320-737 Combi LTB 320-737SP (2)
Airbus A330-200/-200F/-300/-MRTT, KC-30, A340-200/-300 LTB 330-340 LTB UNIV WB
Airbus A340-500/-600 LTB 340-2 ---
Airbus A380-800 LTB 380 ---
Airbus A350-800/-900 LTB 350 LTB UNIV WB
Antonov AN-12 LTB 12 ---
Antonov AN-148/-158 LTB 148 ---
ATR 42/72 LTB 42-72 ---
Boeing B707/B727/A300/310 – Lock pin type LTB 707-727-300-310L ---
Boeing B717 LTB 80 ---
Boeing B737 Classic (-300 to -500), NG (-600 to -900), BBJ – Clamp type LTB 737C ---
  LTB 737CSP (2) ---
  LTB 737CFA (1) ---
Boeing B737 Classic (-300 to -500) – Lock pin type LTB 737L ---
  LTB 737LSP (2) ---
Boeing B747-100/-200/-300/-SP/-400/-400ER/400ERF/-8/-8F LTB 747 ---
Boeing B757-200/-300 LTB 757 ---
Boeing B767-200/-300/-400ER LTB 767 LTB UNIV WB
Boeing B777-200/-200ER/-300/-200LR/-300ER LTB 777 LTB UNIV WB
Boeing B787-8/-9 LTB 787 LTB UNIV WB
Bombardier/Canadair CRJ-100/-200/-700/-900 LTB CRJ ---
Bombardier/Canadair Dash8 Q-400 LTB 400 ---
British Aerospace/Avro BAe146, Avro RJ70/RJ85/RJ100/RJ115 LTB 146 ---
Embraer ERJ 170/190/175/195/Lineage LTB 170-190 ---
Fokker 50/60 LTB 50-60 ---
Fokker 70/100 LTB 70/100 ---
Ilyushin IL76 LTB 76 ---
Ilyushin IL96 LTB 96 LTB UNIV WB
Irkut MC-21 LTB21 ---
Jakowlew YAK42 LTB42 ---
Lockheed C-130 Hercules LTB 130 ---
Lockheed L1011 LTB 1011 LTB UNIV WB
McDonnell Douglas DC-10, MD-11 LTB DC10-MD11 LTB UNIV WB
McDonnell Douglas MD80, MD90, DC9, B717 LTB 80 ---
Tupolev TU-204/214 LTB 204/214 ---

(1) Fly-away version

(2) Splittable model


    Wide Body Aircraft Universal Towbar for:

     A330, A340 (not for A340-500/-600), A350, B767, B777, B787, DC10, MD11, L1011, IL96




Two Multi-Head Attachment Towbar Systems are available:

1)  Standard Universal Multi-Head Towbar. P/N: LTB UNIV MH1.
This towbar has the capacity to handle aircraft up to a gross weight of 34.109 kg (75.000 lbs).
The inside diameter of the aluminium tube that receives the heads is 77 mm (3”). This makes it compatible with other Multi-Head Towbar Systems, e.g. Tronair.

This towbar covers over 65 different regional and business aircraft applications, e.g. with heads for:

- Falcon 50/900/2000
- Falcon 7X
- Bombardier/Canadair CRJ 100/200
- Bombardier/Canadair Dash8 Q-400
- Agusta AW 139 (AB139)
- ATR 42/72
- Gulfstream I,II,IV,SP,G300,G400
- Challenger 604/605
- Challenger 300
- Citation I,II,V,S/11 Jet 525
- Citation III,VI,VII,X
- Hawker HS 125-700/800/900/2000
- Embraer ERJ 135/145
- Etc.

2)  Heavy Duty Multi-Head Towbar P/N: LTB UNIV MH2.
This towbar has the capacity to handle aircraft up to a gross weight of 56.699 kg (125.000 lbs).
The inside diameter of the aluminium tube that receives the heads is 83,3 mm (3¼”).
A reducer insert (adapter) is available to receive also heads with 77 mm (3”).
This towbar is compatible with Tronair and other universal towbars.

The following heads are mountable on the LTB UNIV MH2:

- Bombardier Challenger 870/890, CRJ 700/900/1000                                       
- Bombardier Global Express, Global 5000/6000                  
- Gulfstream GII,III,IV,V,350,450,500,550,650,VSP