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Ramp Multiservice Carts




Multiservice cart

Towable equipment to store and transport equipment to perform maintenance tasks on wheels and brakes. Manual operation.

Different configuration options to meet the specific requirements.

Capacity for these kind of components:

  • Wheels maximum diameter 1600 mm (63 in).
  • 1 Brake kit.
  • 1 Hydraulic jack (all type of jacks).
  • 1 Wheel & Brake change dolly.

New Ramp Cart specially designed for LangaAlligator Type Jacks.

Air pneumatic Tyres
Quick jack fixing system
Adjustable height towbar

Tailor made solutions and customized features available. Contact us!

Other Customized Ramp Carts

  0050.00_wheels_transport_LANGA.jpg IMG3133


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