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Mobile Maintenance Crane


The Mobile Maintenance Crane is a lightweight, foldable, portable unit capable of providing the necessary maneuverability and control to allow its safe operation in the vicinity of the aircraft during maintenance activities.

The crane possesses sufficient vertical range of operation to enable its utilization in Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS), hangar and flight-line environments.

The Crane is fully adjustable in height and reach.

Specially suitable for Defense Deployment : AUTONOMOUS & AIRTRANSPORTABLE

Double  mechanical & air pneumatic driven system for its operation.


  • Retractable legs to give the crane optimum stability in use.
  • Tie-downs for transport and stowage.
  • Easily maneuvered and operated by one person.
  • Mechanical & pneumatic operation.
  • 360 Degree rotation of vertical axis under load.
  • Variable tilt angle (0 to 20 degrees) under load.
  • Working height up to 6.6 m (259.85 in).
  • Lifting capacity up to 750 Kg (1650 lb).
  • Four swivel lock caster wheels (FOD Resistant) and manually operated foot brakes for maneuvering and towing.
  • Four stowable screw jacks.
  • Ground mobility for transport, deployment, and towing.


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