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Jacking Control Systems - iJACK

  • Reduce time and resources
  • Increase safety and accuracy

NEW! iJACK© - Jacking Level Monitoring


i-Jack : Low cost and simple Equipment for Total Safety

 i-Jack© is a patented LANGA INDUSTRIAL SA unique Worldwide system that transforms Complex and Critical Jacking operation into a Simple and Controlled task through a Simple, Accurate and Cost-Effective System.

Let i-Jack to guide you during aircraft lifting/lowering tasks through its easy and simple visual code for maintaining aircraft in an appropriate level condition during the whole process.

Most of MRO Centers do not pay attention to Mandatory requirements for assuring aircraft levelling when jacking due to complex or not reliable methods available on the aircraft systems or high investments needed on fully automatic sophisticated jacking systems.

i-Jack provides a smart, simple, reliable and not expensive Solution for solving this key and sensitive non conformance.





HELPS. Computer Controlled Total Automatic System.

The HELPS “Hydraulic & Electronic Lifting Programmable System” is used to control and monitor the operation of a set of hydraulic tripod jacks. The control is done via a “Programmable Logic Controller –PLC-” that allows total synchronism of the jacks and assures leveling of the aircraft for a safe lifting/lowering process.

The software is able to control different variables like height, lifting lowering speed, weight, inclination …for performing the task fully automatic with one only operator. Safety nuts movement can be also fully automatic and computer controlled.


4 Services Electrohydraulic powerpack. Semiautomatic System

jacking The LANGA electrohydraulic jacking system is a compact and cost effective complement to your tripod jacks as with one only Electrohydraulic power pack, the jacks can be easily controlled from a central control desk by friendly joysticks.

You do not need to have an expensive electrohidraulic pump in all of jacks as this system works with any of your existing hand pump jacks , just with a minor hydraulic modification that can be performed by yourself.


External Air Pneumatic Pump

DSCF0141 Use this simple system for acting one jacks just by connected to the air pressure line , nitrogen cart or wheels.

Specially recommended for quick wheel changing conditions where hand pump actuation is ergonomically difficult.


Remote control boxes

Remote control boxes are used to monitor and control hydraulic tripod jacks during maintenance tasks. This equipment reduces the staff required for a maintenance tasks because the jacks raising/lowering is done from a common control panel.

Also an operator is required on each jack to operate the safety nuts.

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