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GSE Maintenance


Langa Industrial has its own maintenance department. Sometimes a manufacturer finishes its productive process when the final product is delivered. The service that Langa offers goes further the manufacturing and delivery process, it goes all over the product cycle of life offering support.

Langa has specialized facilities and personnel to come up against all the maintenance activities. Personnel are trained in many different areas like hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics, PLC’s etc.

Worldwide local support


Calibration, load tests and certification of the following components:

  • Hydraulic Jacks.
  • Nitrogen & Oxygen carts.
  • Maintenance platforms.

Repair & Overhaul of other equipments and systems:

  • Mechanic.
  • Hydraulic.
  • Electric.
  • Electronic.
  • Pneumatic.

Preventive and Corrective maintenance.

Design, development and implementation of updates, modifications…on different equipments.

Updates to meet the actual requirements.

You can contact with our in service support department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.